Project Ideas

What can you do to solve the problem you defined?

Below are some descriptions of projects you can do to help your water site or watershed. Other ideas can be found by talking with people who use the site, watching or reading news reports or documentaries, or conducting web searches on solutions to the defined problem. One project idea can be selected or more than one can be uniquely combined to fit the problem! As you research projects, narrow down options, and make a final decision, focus on projects that:

  • help solve the problem you defined
  • address the criteria and constraints for the solution
  • can be customized to your site and the community's unique needs and desires

Watershed Projects

Even if you are not near a site where your freshwater species could live, you can still work to educate your community and raise awareness about the impacts personal and business activities can have on your freshwater species and the ecosystem! Effects from activities and development will eventually make their way to your local rivers, lakes, and wetlands, and affect the species that live there. The following ideas for awareness campaigns will all have a positive impact on your watershed!