Quest Reflections

How has this Quest changed you?

Think back to the beginning of your Quest. What new things have you learned? How has your opinion about your local river, lake, wetland, or other freshwater ecosystem changed? How did this Quest motivate you to take action? How are you interested in helping other parts of your natural environment? How will this affect what you say to others about Minnesota’s freshwaters, and how you say it?


How can you inspire others to learn about and help their local freshwater ecosystems?

How does your new perspective differ from others in your community? How could you use your new understanding and project experience to spark their interest and concern in helping freshwater animal species and improving and protecting their local ecosystems?


Group Reflection

KND Chart: As a group, take one final look at your KND lists, revising them based on your complete Quest experience. Individually or as a group, write a reflection statement describing how each of the three lists have changed from the first to the last versions.

Tell the story of your Quest by creating a visual, verbal or written presentation that highlights each part of your Quest.

  • Planeteer’s story and call to action
  • Question
  • Uncover
  • Explore
  • Solve
  • Teach

Personal Reflection 


Finish these statements:

  • The FOUR most important things I learned about Minnesota's water ecosystems and designing solutions to environmental problems...
  • The THREE most important things I learned about myself as a participant in this Quest...
  • The TWO things I will do differently on my next real-world problem-solving experience...
  • My ONE moment or new understanding that I will never forget...

Open Responses

Write or discuss responses to these questions: 

  • How have your perceptions about Minnesota's lakes, rivers, and wetlands changed?
  • How have your perceptions about animals in your communty's lake, river or wetlands changed? 
  • What is the one thing you want other people to notice about your project site?
  • What is one message related to your Quest that you want people to know and understand?
  • What did you learn about yourself as you worked on this project?