In UNCOVER you’ll gather information to answer many of your questions about wolves, coexistence, and conflict. You’ll take a look at how history, culture, worldviews, and media influence people’s views.

This will set you up for EXPLORE, where you’ll apply what you’ve learned to examine the benefits and costs of coexisting, reasons for conflicts, and the many tools and practices to reduce conflicts so both people and wolves can peacefully share land and resources.


Questions we’ll Investigate:
  1. What’s coexistence, and how do we make it happen with wolves? 
  2. How and why are wolves a spark for conflict?
  3. How does confusion between facts and myths about wolves lead to conflict? 
  4. How can understanding the facts about wolves help people peacefully coexist with wolves by reducing conflict? 
  5. How do history, culture, worldviews, and media influence what people think about coexisting with wolves?