Share Your Project

How can you share your project to inspire and empower others? 

In TEACH, the last step of the Quest, you will share your project with people in your targeted audience so they can learn how and why to peacefully coexist with wolves, and how to minimize conflicts. Below are some ideas.


Watch this video and notice how people with different views about wolves are brought together to talk about concerns and ways to reduce conflict with and about wolves.

Teach the World: #CoexistingWithWolves

Post your project with #CoexistingWithWolves. Captain Planet Foundation has started a public education campaign so others can learn from your project. Project Hero and our coexisting-with-wolves partners will be looking for creative and engaging posts to share more broadly. Does yours inspire and empower others to change their thinking and actions to peacefully coexist with wolves. Is it accurate and complete?

Anything from Report to Headquarters?

Teach Your Community

Share your project with organizations, businesses, or neighbors in your community! Who would be interested in wolves and what they could do to coexist, or help others coexist, with this animal? Who might be personally or professionally affected by wolves or by people who have strong feelings about wolves? These people are called stakeholders because they have a stake in sharing land and resources with wolves. You could set up a meeting to present your project to these stakeholders, or share your project through email or social media. You could also write a letter to your local newspaper or TV news channel.

Teach Your School

How can you get others in your school curious about wolves and excited to help people and wolves peacefully coexist? Here are a few ideas. You could create a visual display or a digital presentation. You could design posters or a bulletin board for your hallways, create an audio or video message for daily announcements, or even hold a school-wide assembly to get everyone involved.

Teach Your Family

Take your project home to share with your family and relatives! Talk with them about what you’ve learned, and what your family can do to peacefully coexist with wolves. Share your favorite Quest pages and videos.