Coexisting with Wolves

          Sharing land, or coexisting, with wolves is now a reality for people across the Rocky Mountain west, with Colorado being the most recent state to bring this native animal back to its historic range. Decades of scientific research help us understand ways for people to coexist with them and have minimal conflict. Controversy and confusion about coexisting has continued for generations, stirred up by myths, cultural histories, folklore, and media portrayals.

         This Quest is designed to help you make sense of the wolf’s complex story and seek out ways that people and wolves can share land and resources so that the needs, rights, and livelihoods of both are respected. Ultimately, your challenge is to create an innovative project that helps a particular group of people learn more about coexisting with wolves and what they can do to minimize conflicts with wolves and conflicts with other people about wolves. Your actions can make a positive difference!

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