You now have a strong foundation of knowledge about what coexistence with wolves means, common conflicts with or about wolves, facts about the wolves themselves, and about the different relationships and perspectives people have with wolves. 

In EXPLORE, you will combine your new understandings to explore ways to manage and reduce conflict. You’ll examine the benefits of coexisting peacefully with wolves. You'll consider commonly used tools and practices for reducing human-wolf conflicts, as well as human-human conflicts about wolves. This is the last step to prepare you for using your creativity to DO something to help people peacefully coexist with wolves while having minimal conflict.


Questions We'll Investigate:
  1. What are the benefits of wolves living in their native habitats and coexisting with people? 
  2. How did decision-makers create and choose a plan for reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone National Park? 
  3. How can proactive and reactive tools be used to reduce conflicts with wolves and increase opportunities to coexist?