What will I do on this Quest?

Quests are journeys to find answers to pressing questions, explore challenges, and solve problems. On this Quest you will: 

  • Q: In QUESTION, you’ll survey your own feelings and understandings about wolves and their ability to coexist with people. Then you’ll brainstorm your questions about wolves, coexistence, and human-wolf conflicts.
  • U: In UNCOVER, you’ll answer many questions as you separate facts from myths about wolves, coexistence, and conflict. You’ll take a look at how history, culture, world views, and media influence people’s views. 
  • E: In EXPLORE you’ll apply what you learned in UNCOVER. You’ll examine the benefits and costs of coexisting with wolves. You’ll participate in a simulation about reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone National Park to expand your understanding of conflicting perspectives. And finally, you’ll compare a variety of tools and practices for reducing conflicts with wolves so that people and wolves can coexist peacefully.
  • S: SOLVE requires you to pull together all that you’ve experienced in UNCOVER and EXPLORE to create an innovative public education project that helps a particular group of people learn more about coexisting with wolves and what they can do to minimize conflicts with wolves and with other people about wolves.
  • T: TEACH is where your personal impact happens! Find out how you can share your creative project with your target audience. Then, if you want to extend your Quest, you can choose from citizen science projects about wolves, and websites about other predators (e.g., big cats, bears, sharks, poisonous snakes) living around you.






Hero Journal

You can keep a Hero Journal as you go through this Quest to record what you learn and what you think. When you see this red pencil symbol, that's a prompt for you to write in your Hero Journal.

Supporting Resources

When you see this icon in the upper right corner, that means there are supporting resources available for you to explore the topic on that page in greater depth.