Benefits and Costs of Wolves

What are the benefits and costs of wolves living in their native habitats and coexisting with people?

Both people and ecosystems benefit from having wolves living and thriving in their native habitats. Each benefit impacts the various priorities of people. Some people think the benefits wolves provide for the health of an ecosystem is the priority. Other people are more interested in the positive effect wolves have on economics and financial gains. Still other people argue that the most important benefit to coexistence is the wolf’s inherent right to live peacefully in its native habitat. There are also potential costs to consider when wolves and people live near each other. These costs can impact individuals, commercial businesses, and the state or federal agencies tasked with managing wolves.


Go to Living with Wolves: The Benefits of Wolves to read about some cool benefits of wolves living in their native habitat.

Points to Ponder
  1. Visit Living with Wolves: The Benefits of Wolves to survey eight different benefits that come from wolves living in their native habitat. 
  2. List them in your journal, or discuss with a partner. 
  3. Write one-sentence summaries of several that interest you.