How can people and wolves peacefully coexist with minimal conflict?


Across the Rocky Mountain west, wolves are back or soon will be.
The question is no longer whether this species should be allowed to return to it native range. Now the question is: How can people learn to coexist with wolves with minimal conflict? 

The Problem: Some people are afraid of wolves, some see wolves as competitors for our resources and livelihoods, and still others mistrust decision-makers for wolf management. These perceptions create conflicts and keep people from exploring ways to peacefully coexist with this native predator. If we are to find a way to live with wolves, we need to understand the reasons for these conflicts. We also need to know about the tools and practices people can use that prevent conflict and allow both people and wolves to thrive. 


Watch this trailer for “Trouble with Wolves” to hear more about the issue.

How you can help: Your challenge is to create an innovative project that helps a particular group of people learn more about coexisting with wolves, and what they can do to minimize conflicts with wolves and conflicts with other people about wolves. Your actions can make a positive difference!

Before beginning your project, the Quest will help you:

  • Separate facts from myths about wolves and coexistence
  • Let you explore reasons for conflict between people and wolves and between people about wolves
  • Introduce you to the many effective tools and practices that reduce these conflicts so people and wolves can share land and resources peacefully