Project Ideas

How can you solve the problem and restore soil health?

  • You've identified a site that has unhealthy soil that you want to help.
  • You've defined the problem with the soil that you want to solve.
  • You know what you want the solution (project) to accomplish.
  • You have set the criteria and constraints of the project.

Time to research project ideas below. More ideas can be found from other resources, by talking with the people who use the site, or by combining several project ideas. Remember to customize the project to your site and your community's needs and desires.

Questions to Consider

  • Which project will be most effective at solving the problem you defined? Remember, ideas are not limited by the list below. There are many other possibilities you can find.
  • How will the project you choose address the needs and desires of the site owner and other stakeholders who care about the site? Do you have the owner's permission?
  • Which of these or other researched projects fit within your criteria (your project’s requirements) and constraints (your project’s limitations)?