Design & Do

You are now prepared to make an impact and become a hero for soil and climate

in your community. Let's design and do your project!


How do you design a SMARTER project plan? 

A SMARTER plan is Specific, Measurable, Agreeable, Realistic, Timely, Ethical, and Relevant.

Planning your project requires teamwork. As a team, complete the Project Planner to design a SMARTER plan to restore the health of the soil at your site. Once you have completed the Project Planner, use the form below to submit it to Hero Headquarters.

Is your plan SMARTER?

  • Specific: What will be most effective at solving the problem you defined? What, specifically, will make it most effective?
  • Measurable: How can your plan be monitored and measured for success and impact?
  • Agreeable: How does your plan address the needs and desires of the site owner and other stakeholders who care about the site? Do you have the owner's permission?
  • Realistic: Does it match the criteria, and is it realistic to complete within constraints like materials and budget?
  • Timely: Can the project be completed in the number of days or weeks available, and within the length of time available in a daily schedule?
  • Ethical: How is it respectful of and beneficial to both the natural environment and the people who own and use the site?
  • Relevant: How can your plan be customized for the location, as well as the people and wildlife who use the site? Which could have the greatest impact on improving the health of the soil?


Well-designed projects are SMARTER: Specific, Measurable,
Achievable, Relevant, Timely, Ethical, and Realistic. Your design should benefit the soil, the location, the natural environment, and the people who own and visit the site.




Planning for communications includes how you will tell others what you are doing (including getting permission!) and how you will document your work.


Budget & Fundraise

How much do you think your project is going to cost? Where can you get the materials you need? How can you raise the funds you'll need?


Do the Work!

When are you going to do your project? Do you need volunteers? How are you going to get everyone organized?


Take Care

How are you going to make sure your project is taken care of after you are finished? What can you do to ensure your project helps your soil for a long time?


Check for Success

How will you know if your project is helping your soil? What are some ways you could collect data from your project to measure your impact?