Share your Story

How can you inspire others to help restore the health of soil around them and help slow climate change?

The last step of the Quest is to tell others what you have learned and done. When you let others know about the importance of soil health and its effect on climate change, they can join you and become heroes themselves! Consider these questions: 

  • What do you think others will know and understand about soil and climate? 
  • How does what others know compare to what you knew when you started the Quest? 
  • How could you use your project and new understanding to spark interest and concern about the issue of soil health and its effect on climate change?

Below are some ideas for how to TEACH OTHERS about the importance of healthy soil!

Teach your School

How can you get others in your school curious and excited about helping restore healthy soil around them and, in turn, helping the climate? Here are a few ideas. You could create a visual display or a digital presentation like PowerPoint! You could design posters or a bulletin board for your hallways, create a spoken or video message for daily announcements, or even hold a school-wide assembly to get everyone involved. If your project site is nearby, you could take others there and show them what you did and why. There are many other fun ways you could get others at your school curious and excited about being a part of the solution.

Teach your Family

Take your passion for healthy soil and climate home with you! Share what you have learned and done with your family. Explore ways you and your family can help restore the health of soil in your yard, community space, patio, or balcony. Share your findings from your home survey of plant care products and equipment, and talk about family decisions related to home outdoor plant care.

Teach your Community

Spread the word in your community! Everyone enjoys and benefits from the health of soil. You can bring your passion for healthy soil to neighborhood meetings, plant nurseries, business offices, community parks, farmers, garden organizations, and school districts. Who in your community cares for plants and soil? Who has unhealthy soil around them? Who interacts with soil everyday, even if they don't know it? These people are called stakeholders, because they care about and have a stake in the health and future of something- in this case, soil! You can set up a meeting with these soil stakeholders to share new insights from your Quest, offer to partner with them to help soil, or give a presentation about your project at their location. You could also write a letter to your local newspaper or TV news channel about the work you have done for your soil, or make signs to post in community areas like grocery stores, parks, and nature centers.

Teach the World

Tell everyone how important soil is! Consider posting about your project on social media through your school's accounts (be sure to tag Project Hero or @captainplanetfoundation in your post). Maybe write a blog or produce a video that you can post online to share with the world, and tag #projecthero so we can help get your story out!

Questions to Consider

Consider how to best share what you've learned with others:

  • Why do you want to share your project and new knowledge?
  • Who do you want to share it with?
  • What is the big take-away message you want to give?
  • How can you get others excited about improving the health of soil around them, and impacting our changing climate?
  • Where and when could you share your message?

Write your ideas down in your Hero Journal.