Define the Problem


How can you help restore the health of the soil on this site?

You have chosen a site that has unhealthy (or missing) soil that you can help improve. Now let's focus on the following questions:

  1. Why do you think the soil is unhealthy?
  2. How do you think you could restore its health?

Defining the ProblemĀ 

  1. Gather clues to help identify the problem. Below are some ideas to help you do so:
  • Explore the site using all your senses.
  • Investigate the soil using some of the activities you did in Up Close With Soil.
  • Review findings in your Soil-Carbon Impact Survey.
  • Talk with people who use the site about how they maintain and care for the soil and plants. Identify which of these activities are conventional or regenerative agricultural practices.
  • Ask the same individuals to work with you to complete the Plant Care Product Survey for the site.
  1. State the problem: Based on your findings, describe the problem that is making the soil unhealthy and that you want to help solve. Explain the evidence of this problem you found.

Questions to Consider

Problem: Why do you think the soil is unhealthy? What's the reason for, or root cause of, this problem? Once you know the root cause(s), you can start designing a solution for it.

Solution: What do you want the project to accomplish? How do you think you could restore the soil's health? What would you have to do on the site to restore the soil?

Requirements to solve the problem (Criteria): What do you absolutely need in order to complete your project?

Limitations to solving the problem (Constraints): What are the limits to your project? (examples: time, cost, materials, type of project)

Now let's research project ideas to find one that solves the problem you defined!