Quests are journeys to find answers to pressing questions, explore challenges, and solve problems. To help soil in our community, we will start by asking QUESTIONS about our soil and why its health is important to people and global issues. Together, we will UNCOVER answers, EXPLORE how people are helping and harming soil, and investigate the health of our local soil.

Our ultimate goal is to identify a local soil problem and then design and carry out a project to help SOLVE it. Our local project will become one of countless actions around the world that are helping slow climate change by healing soil. We will make a difference!


There will be five stages of this Quest

  • Q: You'll ask QUESTIONS about what you observe and wonder about soil, and what you want to learn so you can help the soil.
  • U: You'll UNCOVER answers about soil health, as well as its relationship with plants, the atmosphere, and our changing climate.
  • E: You'll EXPLORE how people are helping and harming soil, and investigate the health of soil around your school or community.
  • S: You'll design and do a project that helps SOLVE a problem affecting your community's soil.
  • T: You'll TEACH others about your project, what you have learned, and how they can be a part of the solution to help heal the soil and our climate!






Hero Journal

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