Story Toolkit

Let's get the word out!

Below are some ideas for how to TEACH OTHERS about the importance of the longleaf pine ecosystem!

Teach your School

Now that you've learned all about how to help out the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem, it's time to get the rest of your school helping out too! Use a presentation that you've made yourself, like a visual display, a slide show, or an oral presentation! Make it fun and interesting to get your classmates excited. Consider presenting to individual classrooms, producing posters or a bulletin board for your hallways, develop an announcement or video for your school announcements, or even hold a school-wide assembly to get everyone involved!

Teach your Family

Take your passion for the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem home with you! Share what you have learned and done with your family. Explore ways you and your family can help heal the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem through decisions you make at home.

Teach your Community

Spread the word in your community! Make signs to post in community areas like grocery stores, parks, and nature centers. Maybe write a letter to your local newspaper about the work you have done for the Longleaf ecosystem. See if you can partner with other places that help this ecosystem, like local nature preserves, or public parks, to give a presentation about your project!

Teach the World

Tell everyone how important the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem is! Consider posting about your project on social media through your school's accounts (be sure to tag Project Hero or @captainplanetfoundation in your post). Maybe write a blog or produce a video that you can post online to share with the world, and tag #projecthero so we can help get your story out!