Define the Problem


You have explored and gathered so much information about the longleaf pine ecosystem and the species that live in this forest. You have also learned about:

  • The history of the longleaf pine;
  • The longleaf habitat types and what plant and animal species live in those habitats;
  • The role that fire and the regeneration cycle plays in the longleaf pine ecosystem;
  • Some of the pressures and disruptions affecting the longleaf ecosystem.

The next step is to identify the problems facing the species you chose to focus on, and define one problem that you can address.


Think about what you have learned about the species chose to focus on. What challenges is that species facing? What are the root causes of those challenges? What are challenges that you can realistically address?


Based on your discussion, choose one problem facing your species and the longleaf pine ecosystem that you can realistically do something about. Develop a problem statement that clearly states the problem and why it's a problem.

Nice work! Now that you have defined the threat your project will address, the next steps are to figure out where you want to do your project and what type of project you want to do.