Will You Be a Hero for the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem?

The longleaf pine tree was once the most common tree in the southeastern United States, with longleaf forests stretching from Virginia to eastern Texas. Over time, human impacts such as preventing regular fires and clearing forests for other uses has hurt this ecosystem and the many species that depend on it.

The longleaf pine is an important keystone tree species that supports a very unique ecosystem. Where longleaf pines grow, many endemic species (species unique to one area) can often be found as well. In fact, what is left of the forests are thought to be some of the most diverse ecosystems in North America! If longleaf pine ecosystems disappear, these amazing species will disappear along with them. By helping longleaf pine forests survive, you can help the many species that depend on them. 

How can WE help protect and conserve the longleaf pine ecosystem?