Know, Need to Know, Do


Let's discuss what you observed.

  1. Reflect on your observations of the tree you chose and how it was similar and different from the longleaf pine tree.
  2. Consider the Secrets of the Longleaf Pine video clip you watched. 
  3. Recall or revisit the story of the Planeteers and their encounter with Burner Bob in the longleaf forest.

Now, if our driving question is "HOW CAN WE HELP PROTECT & CONSERVE THE LONGLEAF PINE ECOSYSTEM?",  what other questions do you need to ask? Use these three KND questions below to guide you.

What do you KNOW about longleaf pine tree, the longleaf forest, and the species that live there?


What do you NEED TO KNOW to help keep the longleaf forest and ecosystem healthy?


What can you DO to help the longleaf pine ecosystem and its species?

Questions to Uncover

Think about your observations and personal experiences.

K: What do you already KNOW from your observations, experiences, and background knowledge?

N: What do you NEED to know to be able to effectively help?

D: What ideas do you have for what you could DO to help?

Challenge! See how many questions about longleaf pine trees, forests, and ecosystems you can think of. Scientists usually start questions with who, what, when, where, how, and what if...