This Quest will be a journey that starts with asking QUESTIONS, "How can WE help restore and conserve the longleaf pine ecosystem?" Together, we will UNCOVER answers and EXPLORE why the longleaf pine ecosystem is unique and important. We will explore the health of the longleaf pine ecosystem close to where you live, the pressures and threats it faces, and what you can do to help. Your Quest will lead you to designing and implementing a project that helps SOLVE a problem you have identified, and which makes a meaningful difference for the longleaf pine ecosystem. Then, as a hero for the longleaf pine ecosystem, you will want to TEACH others about what you have learned and why everyone should care about this magnificent ecosystem.


There are five stages to this Quest

Quests are journeys to find answers to pressing questions, explore challenges, and solve problems to help the ecosystem(s) we inhabit. The goal of the Longleaf Pine Quest is help this unique and valuable ecosystem. To do so, you will:

  • Q - QUESTIONS: First, we’ll ask QUESTIONS about what you observe, wonder, and want to learn about the longleaf pine forest and ecosystem, including the relationship between trees and other plant and animal species.
  • U - UNCOVER: Next, we’ll UNCOVER the answers to questions about the longleaf pine forest ecosystem and select a species that depends on this ecosystem to focus on as we explore further.
  • E - EXPLORE: Then, we'll EXPLORE the relationships between the forest’s plant and animal species, the longleaf pine, and fire. We’ll also explore the threats facing the ecosystem and the species you chose to focus on.
  • S - SOLVE: Once we understand the problems facing the ecosystem and the species, we will design a project to help SOLVE a problem we identified and make a meaningful difference.
  • T - TEACH: Finally, you’ll want to TEACH others about your project, what you’ve learned, and how others can help plant and animal species in a longleaf pine forest.






Hero Journal

We encourage you to create a Hero Journal to record your thoughts and ideas as you go through the Quest. When you see this pencil icon, that's a prompt for you to write in your Hero Journal.

Supporting Resource

When you see this icon in the upper right corner, there are supporting resources available for you to explore the topic on that page in greater depth when you click on the icon.

Questions to Ponder

When you see this icon, there is one or more questions for you to consider that is also a clue to helping us understand how we can help restore and conserve the longleaf pine ecosystem.