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Creating Replica Habitats

Photo Source: UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden
Photo Source: UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden

If your school is not close to a longleaf forest, you might consider creating a miniature longleaf habitat on your schoolyard or in your community so others can see and experience it. Depending on what habitat type is closest or most appropriate to your region, you could consider creating a small bog, a rocky outcropping, a sandy grassland, etc. with appropriate trees, shrubs, grasses, flowers, legumes, etc. Plant species can also be selected to attract pollinators and bird species.

Factors to Consider:

  • Availability of space
  • Timing for planting
  • Commitment to maintaining the space

Helpful Resources

NWF Schoolyard Habitat Guide

Check out this guide for designing quality habitat in your schoolyard and getting it certified as a National Wildlife Federation Schoolyard Habitat

USFW Schoolyard Habitat Guide

The US Fish & Wildlife Service has created a thorough guide for creating habitat in your schoolyard to support local plant and animal species.

SDG wheel

Supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG’s) are a list of projects and actions that all countries can take on to improve their economies and reduce poverty while also protecting the planet. If you choose this project for your Quest, you are helping pursue the goals listed below:


Supporting Drawdown Solutions

Drawdown Solutions are a list of actions and technologies that draw down carbon from the atmosphere and benefit people and communities at the same time. By choosing this project for your Quest, you will be helping decrease carbon in our atmosphere in the following ways: