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Host a Fire Festival

prescribed burn

One way to raise awareness about the importance of fire for maintaining the health of the longleaf pine ecosystem, and to help alleviate people's fear of the fire is to celebrate it! Consider hosting a Fire Festival at your school, or participating in one if your community already hosts something similar.

You and your peers can create and display exhibits and posters about the species that live in this unique forest and that depend on fire. You can also invite local scientists and forest professionals to talk about the importance of fire and how they conduct controlled burns to maintain safety of people and the surrounding community.

Helpful Resources

NC State - Fire Festival Resources

Check out this post with tips and advice on hosting a successful fire festival from North Carolina State University's College of Natural Resources

Fire Festivals to Learn From

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Supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG’s) are a list of projects and actions that all countries can take on to improve their economies and reduce poverty while also protecting the planet. If you choose this project for your Quest, you are helping pursue the goals listed below:


Supporting Drawdown Solutions

Drawdown Solutions are a list of actions and technologies that draw down carbon from the atmosphere and benefit people and communities at the same time. By choosing this project for your Quest, you will be helping decrease carbon in our atmosphere in the following ways: