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Creating Artificial Cavities

red-cockaded woodpecker

Red cockaded-woodpeckers depend on holes or cavities high up in live longleaf pine trees to create their nests, which can be difficult to find. In order to help the endangered bird species find appropriate nesting conditions, conservationists cutting artificial cavities in trees, and installing artificial roosting boxes in these cavities for the birds to build their nests. 

Helpful Resources

Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Artificial Nest Cavity Demonstration (video)

Louisiana Fish & Wildlife

Provide artificial nesting sites for woodpeckers

Review of effectiveness of practice from Conservation Evidence

Article from Cornell Lab

Bringing Back the Red-cockaded Woodpecker: Are Prescribed Fire and Artificial Nests Enough? (2019)

SDG wheel

Supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG’s) are a list of projects and actions that all countries can take on to improve their economies and reduce poverty while also protecting the planet. If you choose this project for your Quest, you are helping pursue the goals listed below:


Supporting Drawdown Solutions

Drawdown Solutions are a list of actions and technologies that draw down carbon from the atmosphere and benefit people and communities at the same time. By choosing this project for your Quest, you will be helping decrease carbon in our atmosphere in the following ways: