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It's time to share your story with Hero Headquarters! Fill out the following form describing how you helped your local pollinator species, and how you shared your story with others. The team at Hero Headquarters will share your story far & wide and may even send you a shout-out or some fun swag for your hard work!

  • What is the specific name you titled this Quest when you set it up for a certain class or group? Important: Enter the name of the Quest EXACTLY as it appears on your Educator Dashboard!
  • Examples include: "Planted a 30 square foot pollinator garden," "Built 4 butterfly houses," "18 students and 4 teachers participated," "Planted 40 trees," etc. This will vary according to the project you designed!
  • Please share any student and educator quotes that give Hero Headquarters insights into individual thoughts and feelings about the Quest. (Please keep in mind these quotes might be shared publicly with others.)
  • Drop files here or
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