What's the problem?


Impressive! You now should have quite a collection of information about the pollinator group and species you've chosen to help.  Check this list make sure you've gotten all the information you may need for your project.

  • Its body structures and how they function to help it pollinate
  • Its unique adaptations that make it an excellent pollinator
  • The role it plays in its ecosystem and food web
  • Its needs at different stages of its life cycle
  • Why it might hibernate or migrate
  • Different kinds of human activities that that could be harming your pollinator.

Investigate & Discuss

Revisit "Human Impacts" found in both UNCOVER and EXPLORE. What human activities around your school, home, or community might make it hard for your species to survive and thrive near you?


Choose one problem that you have identified in your community to be the focus of your project. Once you have chosen, document the problem you chose and why.

Nice work! Now that you have defined the threat your project will address, the next two steps are to figure out where you want to do your project and what type of project you want to do. At the end of SOLVE, you'll fill out the Project Planner and submit it to Hero Headquarters for a Project Grant! As you move through the SOLVE section, think about how you will complete this Planner.