This Quest is a journey that starts with asking questions. You'll uncover answers about pollinators and why they are in trouble. You'll figure out which pollinators live near you, and choose one to help. After becoming an expert on that pollinator, you'll identify a human-caused problem affecting the pollinators around your home, school, or community. Finally, you'll design and do a project to help solve that problem.


There will be five stages of this Quest

  • Q: We'll ask QUESTIONS about what you observe, wonder, and want to learn so you can help pollinators
  • U: We'll UNCOVER answers to questions about all types of pollinators
  • E: We'll EXPLORE the life of a pollinator species that you have chosen to help and the threats this species is facing
  • S: We'll design and do a project to help SOLVE a local problem that is affecting the pollinator species you've chosen
  • T: We'll TEACH others about your project, what you have learned, and how they can also help local pollinators!






Hero Journal

You can keep a Hero Journal as you go through this Quest to record what you learn and what you think. When you see this red pencil symbol, that's a prompt for you to write in your Hero Journal.

Supporting Resources

When you see this icon in the upper right corner, that means there are supporting resources available for you to explore the topic on that page in greater depth.

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