We have all had some experience with a pollinator, but let's really get face-to-face with these amazing creatures and see what makes them so special!


Observe Outside

If the weather is warm, go outside and find some plants (ideally flowers). For a few minutes, sit quietly and carefully observe any animals that visit those plants. What animals do you observe? What traits do you notice about them?

Observe Film

If you can't go outside or it's cold out, watch this clip from Disney's Wings of Life film. Carefully observe the animals you see in the film. What traits do you notice about them?


Record Your Observations

  • Where exactly did you see these animals?
  • What were the animals doing?
  • What did the animals look like?
  • Did you notice if the animals preferred certain plants?  What were the characteristics of those plants?

Make a sketch, take a photo, or record a video of one of the animal pollinators you observe.

Let's discuss what you observed.