Engaging Others


Now that we know how important pollinators are to our area, we have to make sure to tell everyone else about about it! Having others know about pollinators will help us in our efforts, and get more people helping more pollinators!

How has this Quest changed you?

Think back to your first experience with these pollinators. What new things have you learned? Has your opinion of pollinators changed? How did this Quest motivate you to take action? Are you more willing to help other species than you were before?


How can you inspire others to learn about and help their local pollinators?

Your thoughts and feelings about pollinators have probably changed a lot over the course of your Quest. Think about what other people's opinions on these pollinators might be. Would they be the same as yours? Do you think you could use your pollinator solution to show others what you know about pollinators? How would you let them know?

Planning Decisions

Consider how to best share what you've learned with others:

  • What is the message we want to share?

  • Who is our audience?

  • How can we get others excited about helping pollinators?

Write your ideas down in your Hero Journal.

Now that we have some ideas, let's explore some tools for sharing your story