If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.

- Loren Eiseley, scientist (1957)

Welcome to the 2024 Green Heart STEM Challenge - Water Justice Edition.

Water is the basis for all of life. Plants and animals, including humans, all require water to survive. People depend on water for food & drink; for health & safety; for economic development & transportation; for ceremony & to play. While access to safe and reliable water is considered a human right by the United Nations, it is not guaranteed. More than 2 billion people on Earth do not have access to clean water. And for the many species that live in and depend on clean and healthy water to survive, their fate is also in peril. How can we ensure water justice for ALL -- all humans, all species, all of life?

In this challenge, you will be asked to examine water in your community -- its sources, its health & quality, its accessibility, the way it's managed -- and identify one problem relating to water justice to focus on. Then, you'll be tasked with designing a feasible solution to start addressing this challenge.

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