Designing Your Solution

Your Plan for Change


Once you have an idea of how your team can start to address the problem you identified, the next step is to develop your plan for putting that idea into action! If one thing is guaranteed in life, it's that plans change! But that doesn't mean having a plan isn't important -- it's critical. It gives us a starting point, a goal, and a path to get there, even if that path changes as we learn more. 

You will also need to be able to communicate your plan to others and clearly ask them for support.

Your Green Heart Action Plan

Your Green Heart Action Plan is just that -- plan of action! It will change, but it will give your team a clear starting point, goal, and path to get going in creating the change you want to see!

At Captain Planet Foundation, we have worked with thousands of young people to develop their plans for creating change. Most of them will tell you that it was hard, but it was a really valuable part of their journey to create positive change in the world.

Using this planner template, work with your team to start working through a plan for creating the change you have imagined.

Developing your Pitch

Imagine walking onto an elevator and the EXACT person you need to persuade to help you create the change you want is on there. You have that elevator ride to convince this person to support your plan. This scenario is what is referred to as the 'elevator pitch' -- the 60-90 second speech you have prepared to introduce yourself, explain your problem and plan for change, and ask for support.

Producing your Plan Video

Now that you have your plan fleshed out and a draft of a pitch, your final step is to produce a short video (60-90 seconds) that presents your team's solution in a compelling way to your audience. The video should hit on the four key elements of a pitch, namely: 

  • WHO you are
  • WHAT the problem is you want to address 
  • WHY it's an important problem to address
  • HOW you plan to address it and HOW someone can help

Ready to Submit your Plan & Video?