Calling All Young Heroes!

Species and Ecosystems Need Your Help!

Project Hero connects you with local species and ecosystems that need your help

Quests to Help Species & Ecosystems in Trouble

Quests guide the investigation and exploration of pressures on species and ecosystems in trouble in order to design meaningful solutions

MN Freshwater Quest

Quest issued by Wilderness Inquiry

Location: Minnesota

Target Grade Bands: 5th-8th

Ecosystem: Freshwater systems of MN

Grants Available

Pollinator Quest

Quest issued by Captain Planet Foundation

Location: US (50 states + Puerto Rico)

Target Grade Bands: 3rd-5th

Ecosystem: Pollinator Species

Grants Available

Soil Quest

Quest issued by Kiss the Ground

Location: US (50 states + Puerto Rico)

Target Grade Bands: 5th-8th

Ecosystem: Soil Ecosystems; Climate

Grants Available

Quest for Coexisting with Wolves

Quest issued by: Turner Endangered Species Fund

Geography: Western US

Target Grade Bands: 8th-12th

Ecosystem: Wolf as Keystone Predator

Quest for Longleaf Pine

Quest issued by: US Forest Service, Moore Charitable Foundation & Wade Research Foundation

Geography: Southeastern US

Target Grade Bands: 5th-8th

Ecosystem: Longleaf Pine Ecosystem

Ways to Complete a Quest

With Your Class

Quests were initially designed to be completed by a class, so share with your teacher!

With a Club or Group

Bring Project Hero to your Scout troop, an after-school club, youth group, or other organization that would interested in helping your local environment

With Your Friends or Family

Get your friends or family together to help species that need your help right in your community.

Let’s do this!

Share Project Hero

Download this brochure about Project Hero to share with your teacher, your parents,
your friends, or your adult leaders!

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