Project Hero for Young Heroes

Yes! I want to be a Hero for the Planet!

There are several ways you can participate in a Quest:

Oval 1

Let your Teacher Know

Tell your teacher about Project Hero and the opportunity for your class to help species in your community

Oval 2

Get your Clubs Involved

Bring Project Hero to your Scout Troop, an after-school club, Youth group, or other organization that would interested in helping your local enviroment

Oval 3

Work with your Friends to Help

You can even just get a group of friends together to figure out how to help species and ecosystems that need your help!

Species and Ecosystems Need Your Help!

Project Hero is a way to connect YOU with species and ecosystems that need your help,
as well as experts and organizations that can help you connect with other ways to
be a Hero for your environment.

What Quests Are There?

Quests are focused on different species, ecosystems, and regions.
Check out the options below. LOTS more are coming, so be sure to check back or sign-up for updates!

MNFreshwater Quest

Quest issued by Wilderness Inquiry

Geography: Minnesota

Target Grade Bands: 5th-8th

Ecosystem: Freshwater systems of MN

Grants Available: YES

Pollinator Quest

Quest issued by Captain Planet Foundation

Geography: US (50 states + Puerto Rico)

Target Grade Bands: 3rd-5th

Ecosystem: Pollinator Species

Grants Available: YES

Let’s do this!

Share Project Hero

Download this brochure about Project Hero to share with your teacher, your parents,
your friends, or your adult leaders!