Empowering Your Students

Fostering Activated & Empowered Students

Project Hero offers a turn-key, place-based, standards-oriented, and authentic project-based learning experience for your students. You can choose between different Quests - unique learning and activation journeys - focused on locally-relevant environmental issues and ecosystems. Each Quest presents multi-media content, lessons, and activities for exploring and understanding the threats to those species and ecosystem. Quests culminate in a hands-on project to empower your students to make a meaningful impact in their environment, which are supported by small grants to cover material expenses.

When you register for a free account as an educator, you gain access to additional teaching resources, tips, and opportunities, including eligibility for grant funds to support your class's projects.

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Quests are unique learning journeys for your students. Quests are defined by three parameters:

  • environmental issue or ecosystem of focus
  • geography (to keep it local)
  • grade-band (to ensure appropriate reading level and concepts)

Each Quest is sponsored by organizations that support that environmental issue, who also provide access to projects, support, and grant funds.

Hero Society

Don't worry! You won't have to do this alone. The Hero Society is a group of content area experts who have volunteered to support students and classes in their Quest to help species and ecosystems in trouble. You can access profiles of members of the Hero Society by clicking on icon displayed. Each Hero Society indicates how they'd like engage with your students in their profile.

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Projects & Grant Funds

Quests culminate in a hands-on project that makes a meaningful difference for the species or ecosystem of that Quest. Your students will have voice & choice in project design and implementation, but the platform offers ideas and resources to help. Project Hero also offers small grants to cover material expenses for registered educators that submit Quest updates through their Dashboard.

Available Quests

Explore and learn more about the Quests available for your class

MNFreshwater Quest

Quest issued by Wilderness Inquiry

Geography: Minnesota

Target Grade Bands: 5th-8th

Ecosystem: Freshwater systems of MN

Grants Available: YES

Pollinator Quest

Quest issued by Captain Planet Foundation

Geography: US (50 states + Puerto Rico)

Target Grade Bands: 3rd-5th

Ecosystem: Pollinator Species

Grants Available: YES

Getting started

I’m interested! Where do I begin?

In order to get started with your Quest and to qualify for grant funds to support it, create your free Project Hero educator account here! You'll get updates on new Quests, access to great educator resources, notices of cool opportunities, and lots more.

Guiding a Quest

Guiding your students on a Quest is not difficult:

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Browse & Select a Quest

Choose from Quests that vary by grade-band, geography, and ecosystem. Once you have registered for a Quest, it will appear on your dashboard along with a unique URL to provide your students and other important information.

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Review Educator Information

Information for your Quest will be provided on your Dashboard. In addition, when you log into your account from the Quest, you'll have access to educator-only notes and resources throughout the Quest to enhance your experience.

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Guide your Students

Provide your students with the unique URL provided. This will allow CPF to track progress through the Quest and provide you with GRANTS!! Maximizing your students' experience requires teacher guidance and facilitation, but be prepared to let your students discover their own path.


Submit Reports

You'll see periodic surveys to provide updates on your class's Quest. Completion of these reports is what qualifies you for grant support, so don't forget!


Design & Complete Projects

The Quest will culminate in your students designing and completing a project to help the species or ecosystem in trouble. Grant support available to help!


Share Your Success

Half of the power of your student's achievement is in the telling of their story. Tell your community (and Project Hero) about what your students accomplished!