The goal of this Quest has been for you to explore the science, perceptions, and perspectives about gray wolves so that you can make an informed, empathetic decision about the ballot initiative to reintroduce them into the mountains of western Colorado.

Here’s what you’ve done so far: 
  • Analyzed class survey data on views about wolves and reintroducing them into Colorado
  • Explored the scientific facts related to people’s common perceptions about wolves
  • Considered cultural and historical influences on people’s perceptions of wolves
  • Examined the science and perspectives that affected the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone 
  • Participated in a simulated public forum to hear different citizen perspectives about reintroducing wolves in the mountains of western Colorado
  • Connected applicable lessons from other wolf habitats around the country to the Colorado proposal

In SOLVE, you will become familiar with the Colorado ballot initiative so you know what your vote will mean. Then your challenge is to apply what you’ve learned throughout the Quest to construct an informed opinion and argument about where you personally stand on reintroducing wolves into the mountains of western Colorado.

Questions you'll investigate:
  • What is a ballot initiative?
  • Why is a ballot initiative being pursued for the reintroduction of gray wolves in Colorado?
  • How can you figure out what the ballot initiative is saying? 
  • What does being on the Endangered Species List mean for the wolf in Colorado? 
  • What is your view on the wolf and its proposed reintroduction into Colorado?
  • How has your view changed throughout the Quest? 
  • Where do you stand? (e.g., For, Against, Undecided)
  • How would you vote on the ballot initiative if you had to vote today?