How do I make an informed science-based decision about reintroducing wolves that is also empathetic to citizen perspectives?

Quests are journeys to find answers to pressing questions, explore challenges, and solve problems. The goal of the Wolf Quest is to answer this question. To do so, you will:

  • Q: Survey what you already know about wolves and ask QUESTIONS about the impacts of wolf reintroduction on your community and environment.
  • U: UNCOVER the scientific facts surrounding common misperceptions of the wolf, and trace the history of wolves in North America.
  • E: EXPLORE the impacts that wolves have had on Yellowstone National Park and other ecosystems around the country, and examine different citizen perspectives on the return of wolves to Colorado. 
  • S: SOLVE by digging into the specifics of the ballot initiative and describing and defending your personal position on the issue.
  • T: TEACH by sharing your understanding of wolves and the impacts of a potential reintroduction with your community so that they can also be informed and empathetic citizens ready to vote in November 2020.






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