Remember from UNCOVER: Perspectives are the lenses from which the world is viewed, or different points of view. Perspectives affect how someone views themselves, others, and everything around them. Perspectives can be influenced by gender, race, culture, age, job, place of residence, and many other factors.

In EXPLORE, we will investigate the ecosystems and citizen perspectives of Yellowstone National Park when wolves first lived within the park, after wolves were eliminated in 1926, when wolves were reintroduced in 1995, and then 20 years after their reintroduction. Lessons learned from Yellowstone and other places around the country can help us understand the potential impacts of wolf reintroduction on people in Colorado.

By taking on the roles of Colorado citizens in a simulated public meeting, we’ll gain a deeper understanding and empathy for the conflicting perspectives across the state.

    1. How did the absence of wolves impact the ecosystem within Yellowstone National Park?
    2. How was the decision made to reintroduce wolves into Yellowstone?
    3. What are the arguments for and against wolves being brought back to their native range in Colorado?
    4. What can Colorado learn by examining the actual long-term impact of wolves in Yellowstone, Isle Royale National Park, and other places?