Soil Quest

grade band: middle school

Heroes Needed!

We need healthy soil more than we know -
and right now, it needs us!

We rarely think about the soil that is under our feet, but it actually plays a crucial role in how we get the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the climate we live in.

Without healthy soils, life on Earth gets a lot harder.

But, right now, soils and the life it supports are not healthy - and the natural cycles that soil drives are out of balance.

Will you help the Soils of North America?

The Problem

Soil = Dirt. How often do we think about that as a good thing? Not often enough.

Healthy soils, meaning soils that are dark and rich and teeming with life, form the basis of so many of the cycles we depend on to live; but they're often underappreciated and mismanaged.

Caring for the top layer of soil and regenerating the organic materials it requires for health help restore the climate cycle, provide more nutritious foods, filter and store water, and so much more.



How Can You Help?

In this Quest, students will be challenged to UNCOVER and EXPLORE: The concepts behind healthy soils and the natural cycles they drive; the conditions and pressures on their local soils; and how their local soils became the way they are.

This investigation will lead them to identify and design a hands-on project to make a meaningful difference to rebuild local soil health.

Small grant funds are available to help with the material costs of projects for classes that register for the Quest and submit feedback and data at various checkpoints.

Quest Guidelines

Geographic Focus: United States - 50 states + Puerto Rico

Target Grade Bands: 5th-8th

Focus Ecosystem or Species Group:  Soils & Carbon; Climate

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