Pollinator Quest

grade bands: upper elementary

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Heroes Needed!

Pollinators need your help!

It is estimated that one out of every three bites we eat is thanks to a pollinator.

These small but mighty creatures play a vital role in our food chains and ecosystems as the porters of pollen from one flower to another. Pollinators help produce fruits, vegetables, and so much of the beauty that nature offers.

But these creatures are under immense pressure from human behaviors, and they need our help to survive and thrive.

Will you help Pollinators in the United States?

The Problem

The modern day practices of using intense amounts of chemicals, including pesticides (which can directly affect and kill pollinators) and herbicides (which remove important floral resources) have had a devastating effect on pollinator species around the globe.

We need a more intentional and balance approach to development so we create habitat areas for pollinators to live and thrive.  Your school yard and home yard are perfect opportunities!



How Can You Help?

In this Quest, students will research and identify pollinators that naturally live in their region and need their help.

The Quest will lead them on a journey of UNCOVERING and EXPLORING life science concepts through the lens of their local pollinator species in order to identify the threats facing them, and the human behaviors that are contributing to decline.

Then, students will design and implement a pollinator planting and/or supporting project to make a meaningful difference!

Small grant funds are available to help with the material costs of projects for classes that register for the Quest and submit feedback and data at various checkpoints.

Quest Guidelines

Geographic Focus: United States

Target Grade Bands: 3rd - 5th

Focus Ecosystem or Species Group: Pollinating species


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