Plastic-free Oceans Quest

grade bands: upper elementary
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Ocean Heroes Needed!

The world's oceans need your help

It's estimated that by 2050, there could be more plastic in the oceans than fish.  Single-use plastics have become one of the largest sources of ocean pollution - killing sea life and causing incredible damage to ocean ecosystems.  And it's human behavior and habits that need to change!

Will you help sea creatures and our oceans thrive and survive?

Launching Spring 2020

Healthy Oceans Quest Notification

The Problem

Single-use plastics have become common place because they are convenient and inexpensive.  But did you know that they are derived from petroleum?  And when they enter the oceans, they break down into small and smaller pieces that get mistaken for plankton and food for birds, turtles, and other large sea animals - affecting ocean species all the way up the food chain.

If we don't act now, we may change our oceans forever.


How Can You Help?

In this Quest, students will be challenged to identify how they use plastics in their daily lives - and how their choices are effecting ocean species they love, like turtles, birds, dolphins and whales.

Then then Quest will lead them on a journey of UNCOVERING and EXPLORING life science concepts through the lens of ocean species in order to identify the changes they can make in their homes, schools and communities to STOP PLASTIC POLLUTION!  Classrooms and student teams will design and implement a project to change policy, school use, and personal use of single-use plastics.

Small grant funds are available to help with the material costs of projects for classes that register for the Quest and provide feedback and data at various checkpoints.


Quest Guidelines

Geographic Focus: North America and Caribbean

Target Grade Bands: 3rd - 8th

Focus Ecosystem or Species Group: Ocean systems and sea life



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