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Project Hero Partners

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The goal of Project Hero is to help build the next generation of engaged and empowered environmental problem-solvers - Heroes for the Planet. If this is a goal you believe in and want to support, there are several ways you can get involved.


How New Quests are Developed

A Quest is developed when one or more organizations with a passion and interest for a particular species group, ecosystem, or environmental issue agree to work with Captain Planet Foundation on a Quest. From that point, it becomes a collaboration to build and launch the Quest with funding to support project costs.

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Interested in a New Quest?

Join the Hero Society

The Hero Society is a group of volunteer experts and scientists who are willing to provide mentorship and guidance to young Heroes as they undertake their Quest. Hero Society members can support Quests by answering emails, video conferencing into classrooms, or even making a visit to a school to meet with young Heroes in person.

Contribute to Projects

We don't want cost to be a barrier to young Heroes contributing to actionable solutions for the species and ecosystem in trouble.  For that reason, we establish a small-grant fund for each Quest we offer that offers modest financial support for Hero Projects ($200-500 per class). In addition, we try to connect Heroes with real-time projects and opportunities in their community that relates to their Quest. Have a project idea or want to contribute to a Quest grant fund?  Get in touch!

Let us know how you'd like to contribute