Ways to Share Your Story

Share With Us

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Social Media: #riverheroes

Mobilize your friends and family through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more! If people don't know there is a problem, they can't do anything to help.

Post a picture of your project and explain what you did and why it was important. You can even create a presentation or a video that will encourage others to take up the challenge too!

Don't forget to use #riverheroes to be part of the conversation!

The Princeton Herald recently received several awards at regional competition, including first place for news writing. (file photo)

Community News

Reach out to your community or school newspaper - chances are they will jump at the chance to cover your project!

You can offer to write a story to send to them or they might interview you themselves. Either way, when people see your story they'll be inspired to follow your example.

Action Campaign

Take it to the next level by recruiting your classmates and the people in your community through flyers, email, social media, and by talking to them yourself.

Get everyone together one day and do another of the projects you have learned about here - you could clean up your local waterway together!


Community Events

Spread awareness while participating in events for your school or community! You could make a float for a parade about protecting Minnesota's waterways, or host a potluck and share your new knowledge over dinner! The possibilities are endless.