As Proud Minnesotans...

The state of Minnesota is named after the Minnesota River, which got its name from the Lakota Indian word "Minisota." That word comes from the words "minni," meaning "water," and "sotah," meaning "sky-tinted" or "cloudy." Minnesota - "sky-tinted water" or "cloudy water."

As Minnesotans, our freshwater systems are part of us and they need us.


Despite the saying, 10,000 lakes is actually a low estimate. Minnesota actually has 28,176 different lakes, ponds, and wetlands around the state, and 34,167 miles of rivers and streams. It goes without saying that Minnesota is a land rich with water resources. Fresh water has shaped both Minnesota and Minnesotans into who we are today.

But Minnesota's waterways are under pressure.

Heroes don't do it alone!

We are so glad you have accepted this Quest to help water in Minnesota! We've been working on this issue for a little while, so we are here to serve as your guides. You can also reach out to the members of the Hero Society by clicking on the orange button in the top right if you run into a jam. Ready to go? Come on!