Minnesota Freshwater Quest


Heroes Needed!

The species of Minnesota rivers need your help!

Minnesota is a place and culture defined by rivers and lakes. But the health of those waterways, and the wellbeing of the species that rely on those waters are in trouble. They are directly related to the actions and behaviors of people living on the land, and we need to make better decisions.

Will you help the freshwater systems of Minnesota!?

The Problem

Minnesota has 28,176 different lakes, ponds, and wetlands around the state, and 34,167 miles of rivers and streams. That's a LOT of shoreline where contaminants on land  - soil, pollutants, nutrients, salts, toxins - has the opportunity to wash into the water. Polluted waterways affects the health of many different types of animals that rely on these waterways - fish, mussels, birds, mammals, amphibians, insects. These species need your help to improve the health of the waters they rely on.


How Can Heroes Help?

In this Quest, Heroes are challenged to identify the threats to species under pressure right in their own community, and to identify and implement meaningful solutions to make a difference. Grant funds are available to help support these projects to groups that demonstrate progress through the Quest, including the opportunity for your class to participate in a CanoeMobile Experience with Wilderness Inquiry.


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