Welcome to the 2023 Clayton County Public Schools Climate Justice Summit & Challenge platform. Here you will find everything you need for your class and team to participate in this year's challenge!


Scientists around the world agree that Climate change is happening. Its effects are already being felt everywhere on earth, including right here in our community -- maybe especially in our own community.

Climate change threatens our health, the quality of our air and water, our health of our land and food, and life all around us. Climate change affects everyone, but some of us will feel the impacts more than others. BIPOC communities feel more effects of these environmental problems as a result of a long history of injustice. 

Climate justice calls on the world to acknowledge the environmental injustices caused by systemic racism, and to ensure climate solutions benefit all people, especially BIPOC communities. 

As part of this challenge, you will explore climate justice issues in your community related to your food systems (EARTH) OR your energy/ transportation systems (FIRE). You will have the opportunity to examine these issues based on the pillars of climate justice. Then, you will be challenged to design a solution to solve the problem you identified. Ready to get going!?