Why should I register for an Educator account?

Register for Quests (and earn $ for your class)

Project Hero offers many different Quests focused on different regions, issues, and geared towards different grade bands. When you register your class for a Quest, you create a unique link or URL for YOUR Quest. Have your students use this URL the first time they access the site in order to qualify for grant dollars to support your students' Hero project.

Access Additional Educator Resources

Within Quests, additional educator resources are 'hidden' and only visible when you're logged in - kinda like the Teacher's Addition of the Quest! So be sure to log in each time you visit a Quest.

Learn About Cool Opportunities and New Quests

Announcements about exciting opportunities and new Hero Quests will be available through your Project Hero Educator Dashboard, so keep checking in.

Future Awesomeness

The Educator Dashboard is still in its early days, but we're planning for interactive discussions with other educators, informative dashboards and progress trackers, assessment tools, etc. Stay tuned!